2016 Winners

Anna Hartwig - "Still Life" - 2016 2D Winner

Anna Hartwig - "Still Life" - 2016 2D Winner


A big congratulations to...

2D Award: Kristi Biezaite - “We Had Whales in the Bay”

3D Award: Hugh Altschwager - “Beaker Boy”

Creative Photography: Wayne Parkinson - “Last Rides”

Robe District Council Themed Prize: Meg Fry - “Out on a Limb”

Belinda Morgan Memorial Prize:  Anna Hartwig - “Still Life”

James Leake’s Local Photography Award: Mandy Dureau - “Sheep In a Paddock”

Secondary Student: Mikaylah Featherstone - “Granny”

Middle Student: Maddison Whitehead - “The Grampians”

Primary Student:  1st: Jacqueline Clothier - “Horsie”
2nd: Blake Bowyer - “Blakes’ Dogs”

People's Choice: Peter Dunn -“The Old Man & The Sea”